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Armadillo Removal

It’s not uncommon for a Florida homeowner to deal with a rogue armadillo. At Critter Control of Miami, we’re experts at dealing with armadillo infestations. We’ll keep your gardens free from the 9-banded critters. If you’re dealing with armadillos in your yard, consider the following tips.

About Armadillos

No garden in the southeast United States is safe from armadillos. Since armadillos feed off of bugs and worms, they often dig up vegetable and flower beds in search of food. They are also known for leaving large divots in lawns as they forage for grub. Armadillos are nocturnal creatures, so you’ll likely only see them hunting for food at night.

These critters have a sharp sense of smell as well as incredibly strong legs and claws, making it only too easy for them to destroy your turf as they forage. And since they are not territorial creatures, it can be difficult to get rid of armadillos once you have a problem—you may find different armadillos raiding your tulip beds each week.

A Few Tips to Hinder Armadillos

There are a few tips that help to hinder armadillos. For starters, building a fence around your garden or yard may do the trick. However, it is crucial that the fence goes deep into the ground, or the armadillo will simply dig underneath the fence and find their way in. Fences should go at least 18 inches into the ground with a 90 degree outward bend at the bottom.

Since building a deep fence can take a lot of work, there is a simpler method. Armadillos have a keen sense of smell, so one way to deter them is through making your yard or garden stink. Try sprinkling areas of your garden with strong-smelling scents like vinegar or ammonia. This pungent scent should keep armadillos from entering.

Expert Help

If you have a recurring armadillo problem, it is crucial that you seek professional help to solve the problem for good. Call Critter Control of Miami. We’ll expertly and humanely get rid of the armadillos destroying your property.